Drama and dance in Tokyo 2020. Quarantine day 2.

The word is derived from the japanese word for "skill" or "talent". According to Wikipedia “Noh is often based on tales from traditional litterature with a supernatural being transformed into human form as a hero narrating a story.

It is performed with masks and costumes, with highly trained and skilled performers. And it is also very male dominant form of art. Doesn’t that sound like what we are doing at the moment?

Here we are working with the biggest show of the year. What a gig!

As promised earlier, I try to summarize the bits and pieces of sofar experiences in Tokyo. I am not going to ponder wether the Games should be held or not, as those forces are far too powerful and mighty. But I can tell you that we are really very “” at the moment. Wearing masks and costumes, feeling supernatural in the heat and narrating heroic stories of the athletes.

Being a part of Tokyo Olympics international coverage, huge and massive production in these challenging times has its casualties as well, apart from the heat, like the quarantine rules and of course all the necessary procedures before our departure because of the pandemic.

I think we must be the most monitored persons in the world right now. Just measured my temperature and spat my salive into the test-tube once more, have had my temperature monitored every day at the hotel and at the venue, wearing mask from morning till evening, with exceptions while eating. 

I must have stated my self-diagnose of my health condition like fifty times already on various forms. I have had both vaccines and several tests already before even entering the airplane. 

We are not allowed to go out from the hotel with exception to the Olympic Stadium with the dedicated bus transportation. All meals and beverages for 14 days shall be in the hotel or at the stadium catering. We are, however, allowed to go out for 15 minutes to the convenience store opposite the hotel entrance. No exceptions there, as the hotel guards are checking the times. And those in quarantine for 14 days are supposed to use separate dining areas, elevators and entrances. 

All this would be possible only in Japan. No other nation could organize, have the patience and the people to do all this, with such a friendly attitude and commitment.

Even with the strict quarantine rules and restrictions, what makes me love this country so much?

Well, it’s definitely not the long-haul trip. I hate flying. This time I had to fly through Frankfurt, with not the best aircraft or company. 

It’s not the language. I started studying japanese with the help of my friend Mayumi, but soon I realized that it was way too much for me. 

Wouldn’t like the crowds either, although it seems as if I never feel thronged here. Japanese people have the miraculous way to give way and give you privacy even in the big crowds.

Gambling is certainly not my cup of tea! Feels weird to see all this Pachinko Casinos filled with people with glazed expression throwing the steel balls into the machine, mesmerized by the metal pinging sound.

My cup of tea is green, leafy and very tasty. The best you can get. Every night I must have one cup of it. My Japan has also a lovely nature, beautiful mountains with hot springs and green forests, of which I sadly can not enjoy during this trip. Japanese way is the precision of how people plan projects, thinking them through for the best possible outcome. I’ve seen it happen already.

My japanese people smile and take the hightest consideration in you. No scooters laying around on the streets. They bow and wish me a good day and make feel like a royal person. They are tiny and fragile like porcelain, serene and not afraid to show their feelings.

My japanese environement is clean. It is the taxi drivers, with the white lacy seats. Policemen with the white gloves. Scarsely any paperbaskets anywhere, but people doing their obligation of keeping the surroundings clean and picking up their own garbage. 

The japanese food for me is perfection. It is so much more than sushi. It has harmony, suttle taste, beauty and thoughtfullness. Just perfection.

And it’s the toilets. The heated toilet seat at my hotel bathroom toilet, the flushing surprise with the odour eating feature. The happiness of getting a toilet that surprises you in a friendly way, when you finally understand what all the buttons really stand for. That too is my Japan!

To my defence, it's half past 12 in the night, with 12 more days in quarantine. Stay tuned!






18.07.2021 15:42

Annika Järvinen

Dreaming of the toilet...