Carimbo and submissive behaviour

It’s not going to be an easy 10 days ahead. These journeys are not necessarily just for joy! It will be a very hectic period of work but then – that’s why we are here for. The athletics is starting from tomorrow and to be on the safe side, you need to face the facts and get on.

What I still can’t really accept, is the uniform I have to wear. But then, it is so easy to get used to certain things and behaviors. Like for instance this uniform thing. I finally had to surrender and put it on. The slight wish of asking too much – an uniform that would fit me – turned out to be possible. I actually wear these mustardy trousers today along with the grayish-blue polo shirt. What really makes me question my own ability to judge anything, was challenged by a group of young people who actually wanted to know why I was dressed like this. Preparing myself to throw out all the thoughts I had, and as you’ve heard them, they started to tell me how wonderful my uniform was. What great color combination it was and how well it suited us! You know I seldom take back what I say, but this time I shut my mouth. I only told them what we were and what we were doing in this country. I felt proud of myself specially when they heard I was from Finland and when they knew “Helsinki” – that always disarms any Finn! How can anybody know our capital city – especially in Brazil!

Let’s agree that I have gained more acceptance and tolerance to the society and life here in Brazil. Two weeks are behind and some 10 days ahead. The athletics competitions starts tomorrow and now is the time of it all! I don’t mind the armed soldiers anymore that much, neither do I feel the greatest remorse ever, when walking on the red light at a crossing. It actually gives me a rebellious feeling of power! How can anybody enjoy that? Well, that is the thousand dollars question. How easy it is to acclimatize oneself to a different society with very different customs?

What still makes me wonder though is the recycling. Or what they tell us is recycling. We throw all our trash in the bins – plastic cutlery and dishes, food and napkins. All in the same bin. And the explanation is that they will be reused and picked up later. A small part of me still doesn’t trust this society and I fear the recycling means small children at the dump, doing the collecting.

I can’t still accept the dwelling of a family under the bridge. This view keeps constantly coming up in my mind when we travel to work each morning. The wake-up call tomorrow is 5 o’clock in the morning, as the bus leaves at 6.00. Will the family be sleeping at that time? I know my next working days will be hard work. We have 137 hours planned for the next days and considering I’ve done 136 hours already in 2 weeks, it sounds really horrible. I still don’t complain. I’d rather not live under the concrete bridge in the middle of a crossing. I don’t stop thinking how lucky I’ve been. In spite of the working hours from  - well. I don’t say where, since I’ve decided not to swear – I can’t be more grateful of what and where I live. Although at this very moment I listen to Abba from the street, I still have a bed and a room. Inspite the 24/7 bells or trams, I have a choice. The next challenge #seven is to approve the situation and enjoy the 18 hour working day of tomorrow. Here and now.